How Universities are Using Marketing Techniques to Prioritize Mental Health

Mental Health at Universities | ADventure Marketing

 Mental Health. Everyone Has It. It’s 2019, and the stigma is slowly starting to disappear. As depression, anxiety and suicide rates climb, it’s obvious that something has to change. Universities and colleges around the nation are taking steps to end the stigma of mental health and assist students through their college careers. Hopefully with less meltdowns.

Recognizing Mental Health

Heading off to college has long been associated with excitement, partying, and finally being independent. Recently, students are feeling overwhelmed. Trying to establish your own identity, living up to high expectations, and a rigorous course load can take a toll on you. Without proper guidance, poor mental health is like a ticking time bomb. The good news is that universities have recognized the affect they have on prospective students’ lives. It all starts with advertising the right lifestyles and experiences in an innovative way: Videography.

Mental Health Transformed

When Baby Boomers were heading off to college, mental health was looked at as a topic best swept under the rug. Nowadays, the topic is more open and we see virtually every industry aiming to tackle the stigma. Marketing executives and university presidents have geared towards using videography and live streaming to focus on a healthier, self-care centered marketing strategy.

In this gripping video, University of Michigan follows former athlete Stacey Ervin on his journey to get passed the stigma that mental health is not a true issue to be talked about. He documents the correlation between physical and mental health. If you neglect your physical health, your body suffers. If you ignore your mental health, your moods can be unpredictable. Stacey’s captivating voiceover and introspective video composition brings a level of empathy that couldn’t be captured still image.

Marketing For Mental Health

Also, you’ll see university websites replacing their banners with stunning, aerial views of the campus (rather than a simple image of the university logo). Footage allows the viewer to feel included in the daily life by bringing the campus to life. The opportunity to hear day-to-day conversations or see a group of friends enjoying a cup of much-needed coffee. Colleges like Virginia Tech even offer live streams of campus grounds so you can see close-up footage of students. This adds to the illusion of being present. Relatable situations help prospective students to get an overall idea of daily life at that particular school. Overall, a picture won’t be able to express that overall experience.

Through videography, universities are letting students know that good grades are no longer the only focus in school. Their advertisements and marketing strategies are acknowledging the need for a balanced mental state. They do so by sharing real-life narratives, acceptance, and understanding through videography and live streams. It’s all about user experience. Provide the viewer with a realistic, lasting impression. 

Industries aside, making sure to maintain up-to-date marketing strategies will always be a constant goal. Whether you’re in web development or SEO, keeping users engaged is a must. From the beginning, ADventure Marketing has been utilizing videography. We strive to perfect our approach to provide the highest quality content available. We’ve poured our minds and hearts into our services, and it shows through our clients’ satisfaction

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