What is The Web Lab?

The Web Lab is a tiny dark room in our office building where all the little web fairies magically design and create websites. HA, if only it was that easy. But hey, that’s why you hire us!

The Web Lab creates websites for awesome businesses whose current digital presence, does not align with who their business really is. When your digital presence is parallel to the physical appearance of your business, you start to attract more customers, practically automatically.

Better yet, more of the right customers. 

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Website Design

94% of a user’s first impression is contingent on web design. The basic formula of our website design strategy is this: brand strategy + creativity + grind. These three key points will bring your business online success, but that’s not where we stop.

Good copy is like a good conversation over a warm cup of coffee – through cyberspace, of course. Your web copy should align with your overall business goals and help you achieve them. Effective copywriting will craft your website text in a way that attracts the right readers and urges them to keep scrolling through your site and contact you.





Once your website is designed, created and live, we go in and start search engine optimization (SEO). With SEO, you’ll organically attract potential customers – without spending a dime on advertising. We recommend every website that comes out of our lab implements SEO best practices. Without it, no one would see your site!

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