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WHAT’S AFTER FACEBOOK?Facebook Marketing | ADventure Marketing Tampa Agency

We’ve heard that Facebook’s new focus is on protecting the privacy of its users. What we weren’t expecting was for founder, Mark Zuckerberg, to drop another petabyte-sized message to us: Facebook will start shifting its focus from public posts on your Newsfeed to encrypted, private messaging. So, instead of focusing on the current, open platform where we broadcast our lives, Zuck published a statement saying he believes the future of communication “will increasingly shift to private, encrypted services where people can be confident what they say to each other stays secure and their messages and content won’t stick around forever.”

What Does That Mean For Us Facebook marketers?

As marketers and SEO leaders, how will we be affected? Will our content delivery have to move to apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger? Will the Newsfeed we’ve grown up with disappear? Fortunately for us, global Facebook users’ video consumption has increased by 75% in 2015 alone. So instead of creating images, it looks like our future is video – luckily for ADventure. Facebook has been a marketing tool that’s provided our industry with countless benefits, from reaching our targeted market at a lower cost to easily implementing user analytics. So, understanding how to create a video that not only grabs the user’s attention but also keeps their attention is key.

Grabbing Their Attention

How do you first grab a reader’s attention when writing an article? The headline. How do you get people excited for your speech? The opener. How do you get people to play your video content on Facebook? The cover and caption. Though videos now silently auto-play on the Facebook Watch tab, marketers must first generate a video that gets users to click on their content. If the user comes across your video while scrolling in the Watch tab, ensure the cover and first few frames are of high quality and that the caption is relevant and enticing.

Keeping Their Attention

Facebook videos need to be short enough to keep users watching while making sure to tell a complete story. Now, of course that doesn’t mean a fictional or historical story. It means that you must tell a story that someone wants to know about from beginning to end. What happened to the autistic boy who finally got up the courage to sing in front of a national audience? Would you feel complete only knowing that he finally got up the courage to try out? Doubtful. You’d want to know that the judges loved him not only for his talent but also for his story. That’s the message to strive for regarding your video ad. Make sure to get your message across in the most efficient, captivating way.

How Do We Know It’s The Right Video for Facebook marketing?

While we don’t know what Facebook will look like a decade from now, we do know that videos on the social media site will never disappear. That’s something to keep in mind when posting your company’s videos. It must represent your true values and interests well enough to be played for the rest of time. We’re lucky enough at ADventure to employ some of the most talented videographers, video editors and graphic designers that money can buy. We ensure our clients’ success through careful, efficient planning, appealing to their targeted viewers’ emotions, and portraying their message in the most creative and aesthetically pleasing way possible (check out this blog explaining the process of creating a memorable video written by Nate, our brilliant videographer). We can create a video advertisement that you will be confident in until the end of time. Check this video that we made for Scout Guide!

ADventure is a company that has consistently put its clients’ vision above all else, and we are certain that we can create a video advertisement that you will be confident in until the end of time.Check out our other compelling, creative videos here.

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