The Top 4 Free Marketing Tools

The Top 4 Free Marketing Tools.

Whether you’re just starting your entrepreneurial venture or are years in the making, the word “free” is always desired.  Although there are many marketing tools that cost a pretty penny, there are just many if not more that are free. Our team put our top 4 marketing tools together to help boost your current marketing strategy.

Google Analytics

ALERT: If you do not have this free tool connected to your website, then you are surely missing out on major digital marketing opportunities. Google Analytics is one of the top platforms that account for online business success. Although Google Analytics is very diverse with its capabilities, it does a great job at breaking down the specifics: people that view your website and metrics surrounding their behavior. These help you understand what type of content is performing well on your website in addition to showing the navigation of those that the converted. Knowing this information is key, creating a funnel that leads to a higher engagement rate.


You Got Mail: Staying in contact with current customers or clients has never been easier. MailChimp allows you to create email campaigns with templates that are simple to use. Using the basic MailChimp, you receive free data and reports as well as sign up forms that can be built in to your website once it is installed properly. In addition, MailChimp is great for staying in touch with new business leads!


IT’S SWEET: What social media platform should you use? The best answer to this, is all of them! Social media itself is a massive, free tool that every business should focus at least some attention on. Although there are a wide spread of unique outlets, the more platforms you are actively using, the more your brand can get recognized. Although it may seem stressful managing several outlets, utilizing a tool like Hootsuite heals this pain. The free version of Hootsuite allows you to connect to 3 different outlets and schedule post months in advance. This platform also provides customizable dashboard that allows you to see all of your social media data in a centralized location. This is great for comparing and contrasting to see where to focus more of your efforts.

Search Engines

GOOGLE IT: If I ask you how to bake gourmet raspberry brownies, I think it’s safe to assume the first thing you will do is search for it on the web- assuming you aren’t one of the country’s top bakers! You are not alone. Daily, there are over 1.2 trillion searches worldwide. Capitalizing on the opportunity of getting your website to rank organically (FREE) is huge, as trillions of eyes are viewing this tool. The trick is to understand what questions your potential customers are asking to enhance your chance of showing up as a top result. Search Engine Optimization is vital to get your online website the visibility it deserves.

The ADventure

Free is good, but knowing how to understand the data behind it makes a massive difference. At ADventure Marketing, we have the background and knowledge to utilize these tools to exceed your marketing expectations. If you are interested in seeing how our efforts can match your desired results, connect with us today. We are available Monday-Sunday to listen to your goals. Call us or email us at . We look forward to connecting with you!



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