4 Tips for Fostering Creativity in the Workplace

Build up creativity in the workplace | Adventure Marketing

Is your business innovative? Are you selling an awesome product that everyone in your target market should have? Well GREAT, so are the thousands of others companies that are selling or servicing something like you.  Currently, it can be difficult to get your name out there as the millennials attention span is becoming shorter and the Instagram scrolls are getting faster. So, how do you generate creativity in the workplace, get consumers to slow down, and have consumers see your brand amongst your competition?

Well, since your product/service is the best it should be easy, right? WRONG. It takes a lot more than a great product or service to make it in this day in age. Although this may seem discouraging there is a key aspect to add to your marketing plan that can make you stand out from the rest.


I’m sure you have heard to do so before, but are you and your co-workers maximizing your efforts in being creativity? Here’s a quit test.

  1. Are you and your team surrounded by white boards?
  2. Are you and your team taking time to go out and play?
  3. Is your group well diverse?
  4. Are you using the “Yes, and” theory?

If you have answered no to any of these questions than I encourage you to keep reading.


White boards.

White boards are not just meant for a classroom; they are very powerful to any business. Start using white boards to brainstorm and connect ideas together! Our favorite type of brainstorm is to write all of your teammates ideas out and then start connecting the ideas together.  This is a great method to tie in every aspect of an idea to make a creative marketing plan. Try this the next time you are in need a of a strong brainstorming session!

Go Play!

We are NOT joking! Hit up a ping pong table, play some foosball or simply play trivia! Having time to get your teams mind going can help stimulate creativity! More offices are implementing different types of games and activities to break up the 9-5 from being regimented. Although you may believe this could potential take time away from work, leisure time activates what’s called the “default mode network“ in your brain that signals your mind to look at problems in a new way. In short, it can activate that “brain blink” for you and your team.


When implementing creativity in the workplace, you want the best ideas, not the thinking of just a certain group. The more variety of people you have on your team, the more dynamic ideas you have the chance to develop. Next time you schedule a creative meeting add a few more people to your meeting that you may not have initially thought of to see the power of having a diverse team.

The “Yes and..”

Instead of shooting down an idea by saying “no” try implanting the “Yes and..” strategy. This is an idea building approach where you take portions of an idea and start building until you come to a strong idea. This helps foster a “safe place” for people to feel comfortable to bring up their ideas as well as twist al ideas together to create a perfect one. Try using this strategy in your next creative meeting.

At ADventure Marketing, we utilize these strategies daily. As one of Tampa’s most creative Marketing agency we stress the importance of fostering creativity in the workplace.  If you are looking for ways to utilize creativity in your social media plan, content creation or videography you have come to the right marketing company. Contact us today to see how we can help boost your marketing efforts with our creative team today.

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