Creative Marketing Strategies to Implement in 2019

Creative Marketing Strategies to Implement in 2019 | Adventure Marketing

Creative Marketing Strategies to Implement in 2019

We are officially in quarter one of the New Year. After a long fourth quarter full of planning, strategizing and quotas, businesses around the world are ready to tackle their 2019 goals. Distractions in the digital age are never-ending. In 2019, the solution for competing to win for consumer attention is visual. Implementing creative marketing strategies will make or break you this year.

Website Creativity

The general style of websites is changing. There is less of a focus on large amounts of informative text. Instead, there is a high focus on creative and unique content. Whether in a visually-appealing industry or one such as tech or financial advising, website design is shifting more towards visual and creative content.

LCG Advisors

Our partner, LCG Advisors is a leading advisory firm in Tampa Bay. We’ve implemented creative marketing strategies throughout their website. As a result, it has provided a better online experience for their users. For example, to make their content easier to read and understand, we replaced large blocks of text with infographics. This cuts down on the reading time for users and conveys information in a fast and effective way. For example, check the video we created for them below. Within seconds, a reader can visually see and understand how LCG helps other companies overcome quickly with dealing with cyber threats.


Social Media Creativity 

Social media marketing was on the rise last year and the trend continues in 2019. Networks offer a variety of platforms to showcase your business’ creative side and establish a personal connection with your audience. Stand out on these platforms by entertaining your audience with quality content.  For instance, these leading brands have excellent social media strategies. Therefore, they have great social media reputations.

Examples of Social Creativity

Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme’s short clip on Instagram introduces their limited-time Chocolate Glaze Collection. They use quality visuals and a relatable storyline in their advertisement. Consequently, after watching the clip, I found myself heading to the closest Krispy Kreme at 9:00pm! Through creating a compelling storyline they are able to attract customer with seconds.

Raymond James

Raymond James has done an exceptional job finding the balance between social media and required compliance laws for their industry. Presidents and advisors of the financial firm are trained and encouraged to use social media to connect with clientele on a personal basis. Their Twitter feed is very active and full of relevant visuals with informative articles. As a result, they’re constantly showing up in feeds and staying in the minds of consumers. 

Believe it or not, it is possible for any industry, product or service based, to have successful social media pages. Stay up to date on social trends, be active on social media and incorporate creativity into every post. Take note of these brands and use them as a creative inspiration for your social media marketing strategy this year.

SEO Creativity

Don’t lose creativity in the midst of strategy. The key of SEO strategy is balancing creativity with optimization. This will result in content that audiences will be lead to organically through search engines; but also content that will be interesting enough to read. Implementing creative strategies such as a vlog or podcast will add a unique element to your blogs. Providing links to a vlog or podcast, within your blog, will increase traffic and target a wider audience; and as a result, improve your SEO. Knowledge is power in strengthening your brand’s reputation, but the delivery of that knowledge is what will set you apart in 2019.

 Optimization Creativity Examples

Gary Vee

     Gary Vee creates a vlog every day to document his life as an entrepreneur.  Vee’s goal is to be an authentic example of the entrepreneur grind and share his truth with the world. As he points out, you can write about your business and you can talk about your business, but through a vlog, you are doing your business and showing that to the world.

General Electric

     Similarly, General Electric has created a hit podcast, The Message. The podcast is a unique sci-fi story series that incorporates their brand into the content without compromising the entertainment value. Above all, GE brought attention to their technology and innovations in a fundamentally different way than any other corporation in the industry. Their creative strategy opened them up to a new audience, hitting over 1.2 million downloads in just eight weeks.

In conclusion,  there are digital marketing advancements, however, creativity will always set you apart. At ADventure Marketing, we are a full-service digital marketing agency that is known for fostering creativity. Contact us today to help bring your 2019 marketing strategy to life. 

Creativity can solve almost any problem — the creative act, the defeat of habit by originality, overcomes everything.” 

 -George Lois

art director, designer, and author

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