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Online Digital Marketing Tips:

About 80% of all home buyers start their home search online. First impressions are everything and with statistics like that, a strong digital marketing strategy is imperative for real estate firms. If you want to compete online, your presence should be visible and memorable. We have a few tips for you to add into your digital marketing strategy, in order to ensure you succeed in all of your real estate marketing goals.

Your Digital Home – Your Web Presence

The number of internet-based home searches will keep increasing from here. Forbes Magazine predicts that by 2020, home-buying is expected to peak for millennials; which is meaningful, because currently, 99% of millennials start their home search online. This is all the more reason to invest in a quality website that will generate more leads for you. In addition to your own website, posting listings on third party sites, such as Zillow, will expand your web presence and increase your digital visibility.

Open House – Optimize To Let People In

Although having a website and posting on third-party sites is a good start, there’s more to it. Optimization is key in being seen online. A report published by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) states that 52% of all homebuyer have used a smartphone in their home search. Be sure your website is compatible with all devices: desktops, tablets and especially smartphones.


In addition, make sure you are using SEO on your site. Ranking for “real estate” is very difficult, as the competition is steep. But don’t let this discourage you. After all, there is no use in ranking for such a general term. Local SEO will get you seen by the people who matter most, your potential clients! If you aren’t familiar with SEO, it’s best to hire a professional as there are so many SEO essentials to implement. Increase visibility of your site even further by listing your business in the Google 3-pack: Google My Business, Google Maps and Google+. The more internet space that your site is on, the more it will be seen.

Sell Through Being Social –  Your Social Strategy

Buyers aren’t relying solely on the internet in their searches. Home buyers, myself included, always hop onto social media to get a better idea of who they might be working with. After all, buying a home is a big deal. People want to do this kind of business with someone they personally connect with and trust. Social media networks are a great platform to build an audience on; an audience that chooses to connect with you and that trusts you. Approach socials with an 80/20 rule. 20% of your feed should be utilized for listings, sales, and other business-related topics. 80% of your feed should be ‘non-salesy content.’ In other words, use this space to show who you are. Ultimately, that is what will make you stand out and attract your ideal clientele.


Dusty Baker, a real estate agent in California, is a great example of this strategy. On his Instagram feed, he posts new real estate listings, articles and property pictures. He also posts pictures of his family on Christmas morning and group selfies with friends. There’s an automatic personal connection that you feel, which is not accidental. In fact, it’s the point of this strategy. Baker has given his audience a small window into his personal life; enough so that he’s not just a real estate agent putting ads on your feed, but rather, he’s a family man specializing in real estate to make a living. That’s an agent that buyers will trust.

Your Virtual Tour – Video Marketing is Key

Did you know that real estate listings that include video content receive 403% more inquiries than listings without? That is a whopping statistic to ignore. Video is one of the most powerful marketing tools because it appeals to the most dominant human sense; sight. A quality video evokes emotion and drives human behavior.


Our creative team flew to New York City to capture and create this powerful video to showcase the prestigious NYC real estate agency, The Modlin Group. We captured a great mix of Adam Modlin’s real estate, as well as his personality, by setting the scene in one of his beautiful New York City apartment listings.


It’s virtually effortless for consumers to watch a video and it provides them with so much information in one fell swoop. Using a variety of videography techniques, you can show viewers information that they would not be able to view otherwise. 360 degree footage is useful in showing the flow of the home’s layout and size of rooms, without having to actually be there. Drone videography has become increasingly popular and with good reason. Drones provide a bird’s eye view and are especially useful for listings on large property and beautiful views. It’s a game changer in all areas of real estate; whether commercial, residential, buying or selling; however, be sure that you work with someone with licensed rights to use this technology. National Association of Realtors provides the most insightful statistic when it comes to the benefits of real estate videography. 73% of sellers would choose an agent who can market their property using a video, however, fewer than 5% of realtors actually do. That’s a huge opportunity for realtors how to decide to use videography.


Speak to Your Clients Daily – Start your Podcast

Realtors are known for being ‘in-the-know.’ Capitalize on that and use it to your marketing advantage. Scale and grow your business by starting a local podcast. Discuss local news, new developments in your area, commendable citizens of the community. Talk about topics that are interesting and helpful to those around your city. For example, if you’re in Tampa, an episode idea could be “5 Best Date Spots for Valentine’s Day in Tampa.” It doesn’t all have to be real estate related content, it just has to be interesting and informative to locals. Although, keep in mind that the goal of this podcast is to brand yourself as the real estate agent in your city, so don’t shy away from that.


Information is right at the fingertips of those who know how to simply research, so we’ll say it again and again; the way you deliver information is what will set you apart and keep your leads thinking about you! An online social presence cannot be accomplished overnight, which is why now is the best time to start improving your digital content and establishing a voice in your community.

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