When ADventure Meets CycleBar

When ADventure Marketing Meets CycleBar

Debating on whether or not to join a local cycle studio? The ADventure Marketing team highly recommends that you give it a try! When we’re grinding all day on developing websites and shooting videos, it’s nice to get out of our comfort zone and try something new. The ADventure Marketing team had the honor of being CycleBar South Tampa’s August Business of the Month! We were so stoked that we all signed up for the next class and enjoyed a great team bonding activity. Read on to find out what happened when ADventure Marketing met CycleBar!

CycleBar’s August Business of the Month

In one of our team meetings, Zach, one of our Co-Founders, told us that we had been picked as the August Business of the Month! Humbled and excited were just some of the emotions that were running through our minds at the time. We immediately got the team together and thought about how we could make an epic collaboration! First things first, we all signed up for a class together. We thought that if we were going to work together, we must first experience it first-hand so we could get collective insights from the team, as well as meet the CycleBar staff.


The Benefits of Cycling

First things first- let me just say that cycling was one of the best workouts we have had in a LONG time. It worked all of our muscles and also causes fewer traumas to the muscles and joints than running. Not only do you work your legs, you work your core and arms as well through different movements that the instructor incorporates into the workout. Cycling is also perfect for beginners because we didn’t have to worry about the pressure of falling behind. For example, if you were running outside with a group of people, not only would you be subject to the outdoor elements of heat, humidity, and busy traffic, but also you also might feel pressured to catch up with the group. The lights were dark and the music was loud, which really allowed the team to indulge in the workout, no matter how out of shape we were.



Cycling at CycleBar South Tampa was also a great experience because it put us all in a different setting together. This allowed us to get out of our comfort zone and by getting our creative juices flowing. We were so grateful to have had this experience with CycleBar. We love that CycleBar is so involved with the community through CycleGiving. CycleGiving is a philanthropic movement, which partners with local organizations and charities to help them raise donations. It is a unique form of cause marketing that promotes health and wellness with a one-of-a-kind fitness experience!

We loved CycleBar so much that we went back for more classes! During one of them, we filmed a short video so you could see our experience. Don’t forget to watch below!



Here at ADventure Marketing, we love to collaborate with other local businesses. If you are in the Tampa area and would like to work together, contact us now!

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