Create a Successful Lead Generation Video in 5 Steps

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Create a Successful Lead Generation Video in 5 Steps

Videos are a must in digital marketing, yet they are highly underused. Our digital marketing agency has a team dedicated to creating lead generation videos, or in other words, videos that sell. In this blog, we outline how to use video to attract and convert high-quality leads.

Some would argue that lead generation is the most important element of marketing strategy. Companies have to make money to stay in business, after all. 

When executed properly, video is a powerful medium for generating leads. A 2018 study found that 96% of people have watched a video to learn more about a product or service and 68% say they prefer it over other mediums. Those statistics present limitless lead-creating opportunities.

1. Have a Clear Audience and CTA

Having a clearly-defined target market and call to action is paramount. Who is your audience and how do you want them to interact with your video? You can create such specific parameters to target your demographic and if you don’t do it properly, you are likely missing out on tons of customers — and ROI.


2. It’s All in the Details

Humans’ attention spans are a whopping 8.25 seconds, according to a Microsoft study. Every second counts, so engage viewers immediately with a high-quality video and attention-grabbing title. Create a cohesive look and consistent branding by using the same colors and fonts whenever possible.

You don’t need a huge budget to create an effective marketing video, but you do need to be meticulous with the subtle things. 

3. Create a Landing Page

Landing pages are simple web pages designed to convert visitors into customers. When you create a landing page around a marketing video you have an extremely effective lead generation tool.

Grab viewers’ attention quickly with the video so they stay to watch by providing valuable informational content. Be strategic with the copy you use on the page, expanding on the video and emphasizing your CTA.

You can also embed a turnstile or gate – a lead generation form – into your video. The form requires an email address to be entered to view content, and embedding it in the middle of a video is highly effective because it grabs viewers’ attention while they’re actively engaged.

In today’s super-saturated world of marketing, the leads you get from landing pages are exceptionally valuable because they’ve already shown interest in your brand.

4. Create a Complete Video Strategy

Video is a powerful storytelling medium, but you won’t maximize its potential if you create just one. Instead, provide value to viewers and keep them coming back by uploading multiple videos each week or creating an ongoing series. 

Not everyone is on Twitter or Facebook, so make the content more accessible by uploading your videos to multiple platforms. Also, repurpose some videos by writing blog posts and linking back to them later on.

5. Put Audience Analytics to Work

One of the best things about videos is that it offers fantastic insight into viewers’ behavior, such as who watches entire videos or which videos generate fewer leads. Use this incredibly valuable data to refine and optimize your strategy.  

Video is more dynamic and interactive than other marketing mediums, and there are virtually no limits to how it can be used to generate leads. To get started on your company’s lead generation video, contact ADventure Marketing today.


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