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Your website may be brand new or it may have been around since the first “dot com” craze. Regardless of your company’s lifespan, it’s never too late to implement SEO in order to bring more visitors to your website. 

There are endless amounts of information and data online. Internal and external SEO efforts are paramount for your company to ranking higher than all of this data. And what we’ve noticed throughout the evolution of the World Wide Web is that users trust search engines. So, capitalizing on the top results in your field is crucial. 

Technology markets are constantly changing and adapting, which can make it difficult to keep up with what’s new. It also makes SEO just as challenging (if not more so). With these SEO tips, you can get started today.


Hashtag SEO tips example | ADventure MarketingThat “#” sign on your keyboard isn’t just a shortcut to talk about numbers anymore, and it’s not just a way to leave funny quips at the end of your posts.

Hashtags are a way to categorize posts with similar images or videos. They’re a way to stay up-to-date with your kid’s school or watch countless hours of videos of dogs. You can broaden your knowledge on a topic just by using #. 

On social media, hashtags are powerful search tools used to streamline results for viewers. When you want to make a post about your website, search for topics similar to yours and check out the hashtags. This is similar to searching keywords but faster. Here’s how you can do it: 

You can see how many people are posting about each hashtag by typing out the first few letters after the “#” symbol, and the number of posts associated with the hashtag will appear. The topic will pop up and you can see if the hashtag will be useful before you attach it to your post. 

Evergreen Content

Staying current on what’s working for your industry is crucial, and you can attract plenty of visitors by keeping up with the trending topics. Just as important as staying current, it’s also helpful to have content on your website that always works, no matter the time or current events. 

We call this type of material “evergreen.” This is content that is general but also works with the voice and topics on your site. 

So, what kind of content can be considered evergreen? Sources tend to give varying examples, but the content most often viewed as long-lasting and continually relevant are: how-to articles; top tips; instructional videos; product reviews and/or testimonials; and videos.

Using these content formats will boost SEO and build your brand’s credibility. 

A common strategy for creating evergreen content is to look through the consumer’s perspective. What are you selling and what emotions are you trying to evoke? Will it make the customer happy? Sad? Intrigued? 

One fitting example is Neil Patel, a renowned marketer and influencer. He recognized humor as a necessary marketing component, and documented his research behind this in evergreen content example for SEO tips | Adventure Marketinghis, “How to Use Humor to Power up Your Content Marketing(some quality, evergreen content right there)

People love to laugh, people will always love to laugh, that’s not going away. – It’s evergreen. As Neil puts it, “making your audience laugh is the key to winning them over, boosting your brand equity, and creating the perception of authenticity.” 

As a data-driven society, we are in constant need of valid, quality information. Evergreen content can be utilized from an SEO standpoint to gain credibility with search engines, potential clients, and lasts even when current trends have faded away.

Utilize Tools

Many tools exist to help you search for keywords, find the hottest, trending topics, and manage your content to keep your website at its’ best performance.  

With TONS of new information, data, and tools circling the web, it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming to determine which is best suited for your needs.

PC Mag has a very comprehensive blog that helps explain the pros and cons of each of the top SEO resources. The infographic compares common, well-known tools such as Moz, Ahrefs and many more.

In a recent review of Moz, one of their satisfied customers posted a very telling review. Director of Audience Development for NBC Universal, Jon Clark, posted that the tool allowed his team to “focus on strategy and insights vs. running keyword reports manually or scheduling individual site crawls every few weeks.” 

It’s important to understand your particular needs before selecting an SEO tool, so here is a good resource to help you identify your needs.

I truly commend anyone who wants to “take the industry by the horns” and tackle SEO inhouse. Not only does SEO need to be done on a consistent basis, but Google and other search engines are always changing “the algorithm.” It’s a lot to keep up with. While it’s an exciting task for some, it could prove a daunting challenge for others. 

ADventure Marketing has been excelling in the Tampa Bay SEO industry since the beginning. We have learned the do’s and don’ts through countless hours of searching, checking, and researching to find the right ways to tackle SEO. Don’t waste your time learning what we already know. Call us today for a free consultation.  



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