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In this online age, saying that having a web presence is important for your business would be an understatement. Your company’s website is the primary source of information about the products and services you’re selling. Visitors will judge the credibility and quality of your brand by its website. Web design trends are changing and they’re changing fast! Keep your digital business presence up-to-date with the following web design trends.

Creating a website that resonates with your target demographics is the best way to drive traffic and persuade customers to buy your product/use your services.


People are moving into more of a “less is more” mindset. The minimalism design has become the go-to style for web design, dominating the digital landscape. Using the minimalist effect has become the key strategy to make the visitor focus on what is important: your brand. 


We are using white space in a way that brings focus on the content placed in the colored space. Using a well-designed website with the right amount of white-space, contrast, and soothing typography, makes the delivery of information accurate and simple.


Fewer elements will not only make it easier to capture the viewer’s attention where it’s needed, but it will make the website load faster! You might have the most beautiful website with high quality images and heavy text, but if it takes too long to load, users might not stick around to see it. On average, users expect a page to load in no more than 3 seconds. A visitor will leave your site if it’s loading too slow which could result in lost conversions and revenue.


“The fewer elements and content on a website, the less your audience will have to think. If a website is designed in the right way, it will show the user exactly what she is looking for.”

Big, Experimental Typography

Websites loaded with heavy information and text are in the past. Users are spending less time on websites, barley skimming through the content as they are looking for the information that they’re seeking. We are starting to see more brands experimenting with large text, which quickly focus a user’s attention on your brand message and content.  


“Today’s websites contain just enough text to convey the brand’s message.” 


Fluid, Organic Shapes 

We like to call this “the blob”. 

Web design trends are moving away from straight lines and moving towards asymmetrical, fluid elements. The organic, natural shapes give the feeling of comfort and accessibility. With their unusual appearance, these shapes can grab a user’s attention and create a sense of movement, bringing the elements of web designing to life. Because organic shapes are naturally imperfect and asymmetrical, they can provide depth to a web design that makes page elements stand out.


“The goal here is for web designs to feel human and alive through the illusion of movement.”


Vibrant Color Palettes

With so many websites on the world wide web, the use of bold colors and gradients are gaining popularity by helping businesses stand out from the crowd. Big name companies like Instagram and Spotify made gradients popular again by applying this duotone colors .

The most important aspect of the gradient trend is the colors you choose. When choosing the color scheme of your website, you need to make sure it also matches your business logo so the visitor instantly connects the color to your brand. Combining vintage fonts with bright colors can actually create a very modern and engaging feel to a website.

One thing to keep is mind is that every color carries some emotions and meaning with it so you need to make sure you not giving off the wrong vibes unconsciously. Also, you should be careful not over doing. Vibrant colors are best used in moderation to draw a user’s attention, primary call to action. 







Video & Micro Animation 

Your not truly innovative without a high quality video. It’s no surprise that video remains dominating visual design elements, and for a good reason. With the Internet connection speeds constantly improving, experts’ predict that by 2020, 80% of the online traffic will be video. Adding a full screen video as your header will set you apart from your competitors and catch the viewers eyes.

“Google is putting more emphasis on mixed search page results, meaning a web page with video is more likely to rank higher than standard text.”


Micro animations are small interactions taken on the website that cause a specific response. These mini interactions can be as simple as refreshing your Twitter page and hearing a beep, or learning you have a new notification on Facebook when you see the bell shake. 

“There’s one main goal behind micro-interactions, and that’s surprising users and creating events that are human and inviting.”

The  key to web design is following the trends, while staying true to each and every brand. As an agency, we have many clients that we perform the same services for; however, what sets each apart, is the skill and knowledge of creating a unique branding and design strategy for each.

If your website lacks any or all of these trends, it’s time for a new website. Reach out to us, and we’ll provide you with a quote to get your website back on track.

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