Are You Wasting Money in Your Video Production Budget?

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How to Allocate Your Video Content Budget


As we all know, one of the biggest trends in the digital marketing is video content. Whether you’re on Snapchat, Facebook or LinkedIn, businesses are finding easier ways to grab the viewer’s attention. The market is saturated with video content and advertisements. How can we stay ahead of the curve and make sure your video production budget is being allocated directly? In this blog, we’ll show you how to maximize the value of your video content.

What Content Should We Create?


All businesses have a different product, service or offering. Determining which video content strategy would be best for them, poses a challenge. But, regardless of what vertical or customer you serve, all video content needs to generate an unwavering value to your product or service. We see time and time again, companies create their content in the wrong way. This piece is crucial to your video content’s success.


Companies position video content in many different ways. For example, a law firm will shoot the same, monotonous commercial as everyone else because that’s what their industry does. On the other hand, companies like Manscaped and Quickbooks are revolutionizing the way that customers perceive their value. Instead of telling clients how amazing they are, they put their products in the spotlight of everyday use and value. Their content puts the end user in the shoes of their “future self” using the service. 


Depending on the platform and vertical, each piece of video content needs to be broken down to be both optimized to the location of the use as well as the audience frequenting the location.


Create a Library of Content


We get it: Video production is expensive. Regardless of the production, whether large or small, the average outsourced cost for a professional video of 30 seconds is above $5,000.00. For the sake of keeping costs low, we at ADventure always believe in building content libraries. 


A content library is a location that holds all pieces of footage pertaining to your brand. For example, we partnered with Signature Lacrosse to create this. In one, two-day video production, we were able to create an extensive list of shots for each of their lacrosse product SKU’s. Now our client can use the content in this library for future video content, which limits the need to continue to shoot new video content. Signature is able to take this content and mold it how they see fit, with a longer shelf life and overall lower cost than producing a totally new video each time. 


Picking the Right Video Partner 


Having an in-house team of videographers and editors is a very expensive video marketing strategy. A better allocation of your video production budget, is finding the right outsourced partner for these video productions. A partner that understands your overall content strategy, audience and advertising mediums will be the perfect extension to your in-house team. 


Many video production companies focus solely on creating pretty video content, but do pretty videos sell? Sadly, not always. You need to make sure that the video content will help to sell your products. For example, a video shot specifically for an Instagram ad might be best poised as a 10-second, vertical cut video with subtitles so viewers can read when the sound is off. 


Each production company will have an inherent value with their final products, so choosing the right partner is necessary action when considering any outsourced video content or video strategy campaign. Choosing the wrong partner might lead to a detrimental outcome for your marketing campaigns. 

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